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Helping Children Cope with Your Separation and Divorce

Books for Families about Divorce

Booksare a way to provide support for children who need contact, reassurance, warmth and support from those they love. The books below can help. They can be found at your local library or bookstore.

For parents:

The Parents Book About Divorce, Richard A. Gardener, MD., Bantam, N.Y. 1991

Survival Skills for Single Parents! Paul J. Ciborowski, Statmar Edu, Systems, Port Chester, N.Y. 1988

Growing Up Divorced, Linda Francke, Simon Schuster, N.Y., 1983

Explaining Divorce to Children, Earl Grollman, Beacon Press, Boston, 1969

Crazytime, Abigail Tratford

Mom's House Dad's House, Isolina Ricci, Phd, Macmillan Publishing Co., 1980

Divorce Hangover, Anne Walter, M.S., Pocket Books, 1991

The Dollars and Sense of Divorce, The Financial Guide for Women, Judith Briles, Mastermedia, 1988


For children of all ages

The Boys and Girls Book About Divorce, Richard A. Gardener, M.D., Bantam, N.Y. 1970


For children ages 3-6:

Dinosaurs Divorce, Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown, 1985

Daddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Betty Boegehold, Western Publishing, Wisconsin, 1985

The Divorce Workbook, Sally Ives and Others, Waterfront Books, Vermont, 1985

A New Room for William, Sally Grindley

Two Homes, Claire Masurell

Divorce is a Grown-up Problem, Janet Sinberg, Avon, N.Y. 1978


For children ages 7-11:

A Month of Sundays, Rose Blue, Watts, N.Y. 1972

It's Not the End of the World, Judy Blume, Bradbury Press, N.Y. 1972

How Does it Feel When Your Parents Get Divorced? Terry Berger, Messner, N.Y. 1976

Help! A Girl's Gude to Divorce and Stepfamilies, American Girl Library 1999

My Parents Still Love Me Even Though They're Getting Divorced, Lois V. Nightinggale


For Pre-teens and Teens:

Coping When Your Family Falls Apart, Diana Booher, Messner, N.Y. 1979

What's Going to Happen to Me? Eda LeShan, Four Winds Press, N.Y. 1978

How to Get it Together When Your Parents Are Coming Apart, Arlene Richards, Bantam, N.Y. 1976

How to Survive Your Parents Divorce: Kid's Advice to Kids, Gayle Kimball